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Interzinc 22 Ethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interzinc 52 Zincdust epoxy PDF
Interzinc 42 Zincdust epoxy PDF
Interzinc 315 Zincdust epoxy PDF
Interzinc 553 Norethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interzinc 72 Zincdust epoxy PDF
Interzinc 2265 Ethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interzinc 2277 Ethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interzinc 2280 Ethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interzinc 697 Ethyl zincsilicate PDF
Interplus 256 epoxy primer 200 °C PDF
Interplus 356 epoxy primer PDF
Interseal 670 HS epoxy primer finish PDF
Interprime 198 alkyd primer PDF
Intercure 200 epoxy primer zinc phosphate PDF
Intercure 200 HS epoxy primer zinc phosphate PDF
Intergard 251 epoxy primer PDF
Intergard 1251 epoxy primer PDF
Intergard 2510 epoxy primer PDF
Intergard 410 epoxy intermediate PDF
Intergard 405 epoxy sealer PDF
Intergard 269 epoxy primer PDF
Intercure 420 epoxy intermediate MIO PDF
Intercure 420HS epoxy intermediate MIO PDF
Intergard 400 epoxy intermediate MIO
Intergard 475 HS epoxy intermediate MIO PDF
Interseal 1052 epoxy primer, high solid, fast cure PDF
Intergard 345 epoxy primer / finish PDF
Intergard 276 epoxy
Intergard 263 epoxy PDF
Intergard 291 PDF
Interfine 629 HS isocyanatfree acrylic PDF
Intergard 740 epoxy finish PDF
Interthane 870 Polyurethane PDF
Interthane 1070 Polyurethane Primer/Finish PDF
Interthane 1070 Polyurethane Primer/Finish DB colour
Interthane 990 Polyurethane PDF
Interthane 990 Polyurethane, metallic
Interthane 990SG Polyurethane PDF
Interfine 979 Polysiloxane PDF
Interfine 878 Polysiloxane PDF
Intershield 300 epoxy PDF
Interzone 505 epoxy glasflake PDF
Interzone 485 ultra high build epoxy PDF
Interzone 954 epoxy PDF
Interline 850 epoxy phenolic PDF
Interline 910 epoxy solvent free PDF
Interline 955 vinylester glassflake PDF
Interline 399 epoxy phenolic PDF
Interline 982 epoxy holding primer PDF
Interline 975 epoxy PDF
Interprime 306 alkyd primer PDF
Interlac 789 alkyd primer/finish PDF
Interlac 665 alkyd finish PDF
Interlac 645 alkyd finish PDF
Interplate 855 zinc silicate PDF
Interplate 937 zink silicate 800 oC PDF
Interplus 614 rust remover
Interplus 634 paint disbonder PDF
Interseal 121 pealable temporary protection PDF
Intertherm 50 silicone acrylic 540 oC PDF
Intertherm 228HS epoxy phenolic 230 oC PDF
Intertherm 875 silicone poly acrylic PDF
Intertherm 891 mod. Alkyd aluminium PDF
Interchar 404 Fire proofing PDF
Intertherm 79 mod. Alkyd temp. Protection PDF
  • Sample-based colour identification

Identification of coated reference panel, component; colour and coating

  • Development of products to fit individual requirements.

Development of special colours, appearances, unique coating formulations.

  • Production

Production based on available formulation.

  • Production of reference panels

Production of coated sample panel from in-stock paints.

  • Fill-up of sprays, sticks from produced paints
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  • Product services
  • House delivery

Next day delivery of confirmed products ordered, by courier service to your place of business.

  • Production of reference panels, sample panel collections
  • Application of special product combinations, colours and appearances, production of custom made reference surfaces
  • Custom made sample panel collection

Make your own coated panel collection to fit your individual needs. Easy-to-use, custom made collection, unique appearance.

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  • Non-destructive measurement of film thickness (ISO 2360) 
  • Destructive measurement of film thickness (ISO 2815)
  • Pencil hardness test (ASTM- D3363-74)
  • Impact test (ASTM D2794)
  • Cylindrical mandrel bend test (ISO 1519)
  • Gloss measurement (ISO 2813)
  • Adhesion test by cross-cut method (ISO 2409)
  • Buchholz indentation test (ISO 2815)
  • Salt spray test (ISO 9227)
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