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Alesta powder coatings are designed to meet the stringent performance requirements of the construction industry. They deliver superior corrosion protection and excellent coverage even on the edges offering a wide range of colours from the classic RAL, NCS, Pantone, BS through the most modern trend colours. To meet special market needs, over 80% of all RAL Classic colours are available in fine-textured or matte version in stock.

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Abcite powder coatings are specifically designed for toughness and chip resistance without a primer. They provide excellent corrosion protection and weathering resistance and can be sprayed electrostatically or fluid bed dipped. They are tough enough for lasting performance in a variety of aggressive industrial environments while preserving their original appearance.

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  • Sample-based identification

Identification of colour and product based on coated sample panel, component or sample powder followed by recommendation for an available product or development of a new product.

  • New product development

Development of a custom coating formulation based on special colours, sample panels or powders.

  • Production

Production based on available formulation

  • Coated sample panel

Production of coated sample panel from in-stock powder coatings.

  • Production of repair spray

We formulate liquid paints matching the colours of powder coatings sold by PulverTech Group Ltd. that help perfectly repair minor damages on coated surfaces.

  • Repackaging

We repackage all in-stock powder coatings into smaller units ranging from 1 to 19 kg as requested.

  • Sample powder coatings

We provide sample quantities up to 0.5 kg for sampling new projects.

  • House delivery

Next day delivery of products ordered, by courier service to your place of business.

  • PTG sample panel collection

Speciális színek, különleges megjelenésű termékek, egyedi válogatások – festett mintalemez kollekció a könnyű bemutatáshoz és kiválasztáshoz

  • Custom made sample panel collection

Make your own coated panel collection to fit your individual needs. Easy-to-use, custom made collection, unique appearance.

  • Non-destructive measurement of film thickness (ISO 2360) 
  • Destructive measurement of film thickness (ISO 2815)
  • Pencil hardness test (ASTM- D3363-74)
  • Impact test (ASTM D2794)
  • Cylindrical mandrel bend test (ISO 1519)
  • Gloss measurement (ISO 2813)
  • Adhesion test by cross-cut method (ISO 2409)
  • Buchholz indentation test (ISO 2815)
  • Surface stress test
  • Salt spray test (ISO 9227)
  • Oven temperature profile analysis


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